Mina Kirin – The Rose at Montreux Jazz Festival

Woosung Instagram Story

Mina Kirin, we are so happy to see all this love you received in Montreux Jazz Festival and are receiving from everywhere in the world following Woosung’s IG story with your The Rose art creation in hand. Did you expect that?

I created this illustration saying to myself: “as always, only a few people will see it”. I did it for the Hallyu Korea association, which wanted to promote The Rose’s appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival, while hoping to do an interview.

We thought that if the interview went ahead, there might be a chance of offering this drawing to the members?

So, even though I knew it was unlikely to happen, I created this illustration with the sole purpose of making them happy.

In the end, the interview didn’t happen, but the Hallyu Korea team is so motivated that they still managed to get my drawing to The Rose. We were over the moon in the audience when @blackrose_ale sent us a message to let us know about Woosung’s Instagram story just 5 minutes after we gave it the them. I didn’t really expect anything else. Just to please. And it seems to have worked?

Even your trip to Montreux was totally crazy. You arrived only 20mn before The Rose set, and you even succeeded to find Hallyu Korea team, who invited you to the concert, in the audience without any phone.

Yes… My journey was complicated, I even came close to giving up and just turning around to go home. Fortunately, the Swiss are adorable! The evening was worth the 16-hour journey and the resulting fatigue. Between the awesome concert, meeting some of the Hallyu Korea team and seeing the smiles on the faces of the people who liked my illustration, I definitely have no regrets.

Mina, please, Blackroses and fans cannot wait to find out all the hidden references you put into the work art, can you tell us more? Why the choice of the song RED?

I wanted to create an image that was based on one of their pieces of music and that spoke to the members of the group. So, I researched their music and their tastes. Of course, I listen to them a lot but I don’t necessarily have their lyrics in my head.

I particularly like the energy that comes out of the song RED, which makes you want to live and go wild (positively, haha), not forgetting the colourful and explosive aesthetic of the MV, which immediately inspired me.

For the hidden references, I will tell you all! Some are obvious, but have you noticed how the tastes of the members have been incorporated?

Let’s go from the most obvious to the most hidden.

-> The background of each frame is based on the lyrics of RED: 1/ The fireflies leading me, 2/ The moonlight shining, 3/ I wanna be red, just like the burning fire in front of me (ok, my fire is blue, but only because it’s even hotter! haha), 4/ With the pouring shooting stars

-> I’ve also added on all of them: Stay, up above the clouds, The flowers bloom like paradise. And of course, where there are flowers, there are roses, so everyone is entitled to the roses of the colour associated with them.

-> A little bird told me that Hajoon was a One Piece fan, and I’ve been reading the manga for years, so I couldn’t not use that information. I used it for their pose, straight out of the manga. It means a lot and made me cry because it’s so powerful. It’s a secret message that unites the crew, showing how much they love and support each other. Why doesn’t Dojoon close his fist like the others? Because I think his enthusiasm makes him more dynamic and out of the box!

-> I sign it with a little giraffe (like my nickname), which I sometimes adapt to suit the surroundings. For Jaehyeong, who would like to have Dr Strange’s powers: a Dr Strange giraffe. For Woosung, a Lion King fan: a Zazu giraffe, of course. For Hajoon, a big pizza eater: what could be better than a giraffe sharing a pizza with him? And finally, for Dojoon, a big Marvel fan… It was supposed to be a Hulk giraffe, but I guess I should have chosen a less complicated challenge, haha.

How many references did you find? 😁

You got a lot of inquiries to know how to buy The Rose Work Art. We definitely will propose it at our next event 2023 Hallyu Com-on In Swiss in Lausanne the 7-8 October, but we know that you are working on another way in the meantime?

I’ve been thinking for a while that it would be interesting to open an online store. But I was afraid it wouldn’t appeal to enough people. You’ve given me a boost, so I’m already working on opening my first small one as a test. I’ve got a lot of questions and thoughts, but I’m counting on you for what’s coming next! ❤️

We heard that you got other enquiries about other Korean musicians?

That’s right. When I watch a music video or listen to Korean music, I often think “I’d like to do an illustration on that!” I really don’t know why I hold back. I think it’s time to get started? There are so many out there! Who would you like to see?

Thank you very much Mina Kirin for your time, we will see you soon and of course will keep everyone posted about your actuality.

Thank you. Sincerely thank you to everyone; the incredible Hallyu Korea team, @blackrose_ale, @woosungroses, the Black Roses, and of course Woosung and his gesture that touched me more than anything.

IG : @minakirin